Are you stressed about your website and what it isn’t doing for you? We have the cure…

Looking for a better small business website, one that puts you in control of your online marketing instead of making you feel like a confused techno fool? It’s time to take control of your domain…be the master. Vector Websites will empower you!

Vector Websites are Dynamic and easily Owner operated with a little training or can be maintained by a Vector WebMaster.

Vector Websites offers more than websites, We offer training and development of your web strategy. Make the most of your marketing dollars and be found by the people who need your services.

“I love technology and the way it empowers people and especially what it offers the entrepreneur.”
“I believe that every business no matter how big or small can benefit from a good internet strategy, delivering an afordable and effective solution is my mission”


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Design & Build


  • Teach you how to choose the right domain name or names and the right host for you
  • Set up your 2.0 Website on a data driven content management system – flexible -extensible – non proprietary and server based – Simply The Best Choice.
  • Teach you how to access the website and make changes.
  • Teach you a little bit about Search Engine Optimization which will help you develop your strategy.






Looking for a no obligation quote or interested in discussing what can be done, including making your site responsive send a message!






Search Engine Optimization SEO

In pursuit of great Google rankings, naturally, organically! That is what it is all about. You want to have a site that will do well on google and has all the bells and whistles that WEB 2.0 & 3.0 have to offer.

Search Engines are very important to your website being found. A good strategy might involve many different components including adword campaigns. We manage adwords for many clients.

  • Well built website following the W3C Guidelines
  • Follow the best practices of Webmasters Guild & Association
  • Use Metatags smartly and cleanly, best practices
  • use of social media
  • use of internal blogging & RSS feed
  • image naming and tagging
  • CONTENT!!!

And a few more things…

If you need to understand Search Engine Optimization then you want to talk to the Webmaster @ Vector Websites




Social Media and Business Websites

Social Media Marketing is an essential part of marketing today. Especially Facebook, the clear cut winner in online usage and audience. 500 million active users on Facebook, 50% logon everyday, That is about 2 of every 5 internet users today. Wow, chances are a large percentage of your clients and people like them are on Facebook and this helps you gain visibility and believe it or not a relationship that otherwise busy people would not have time for.

Social Media allows us to passively market to our audiences, our “friends” and our clients. We specialize in Facebook connections and also built in posting updates to multiple Social Media Sites. It sounds complicated but we will make it simple.

Your Website and Your Presence On Facebook are the most important marketing tools your business has from today on!
Your website is the most important directory advertising your business has to help customers call you, find your address and send you messages through your website or by email.
Facebook is the single most effective way to send messages to people who need your services and have given you permission by ‘like’ing your Facebook Page, stronger than newsletters and more timely, more effective and less expensive then Google Adwords.




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